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Our Wines

Sustain Your Sparkle

As stewards of our environment and as leaders in our community, the sustainability of our wines is of upmost importance. We are on a mission to use our wines to encourage the community to consider their own stewardship of resources.

Sourced Locally

We made the decision early on that fruit had to be sourced as local as possible. For the environment it made no sense to source fruit from other parts of the world when there was great fruit available In and near Indiana.  The opportunity we saw was that local fruits, high in acids and low in tannins, make phenomenal sparkling wine and so we set on a journey to develop world class sparkling wines from locally sourced fruit. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Packaging Carbon Footprint

In our research we found academic research indicated that a majority, as much as 70%, of the carbon footprint of wine comes from the packaging. Here's one such publication from Cleaner and Circular Bioeconomy which reviewed a number of academic sources - "Evaluation of the carbon footprint of the life cycle of wine production: A review."  Armed with this information we set out to figure out ways how to eliminate packaging and kegging wine was our first stop. Common in the beer industry and made easier with sparkling wine we began experimenting and found we could deliver high quality wines in stainless steel kegs. The kegs are reusable and almost completely eliminate that majority of our carbon footprint. 80% of the wines served in our Indianapolis tasting room are packaged in kegs.

Riesling Natur

Bottle fermented brüt natural sparkling white wine with beautiful lingering acidity and classic green-apple flavors.


Light, crisp, and lively dry bubbly rosé with a fruit forward aroma and very approachable acidity.


Rich, ripe, and bursting with blackberry flavors, this is an off-dry red bubbly wine.

Regenerative Rose

Bottle fermented brüt natural sparkling rosé wine with mouthwatering acidity - the perfect pre-meal apéritif.

Let's Get Fizzical

Fun, fruity, and fizzy red dry bubbly wine that drinks more like an off-dry due to it's fruity flavors.

Millions of Peaches

Fresh, juicy, and frisky this mouth-watering wine is the blue jeans of wines, it really goes well with everything! 

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