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You're SO Sparkly!!!

Thank you so much for purchasing our wine and supporting our mission to help central Indiana sustain it's sparkle!

Champagne sparkling wine glasses with rosé gold flake confetti

Rejoicing Vine


The ultimate destination for sparkling wine enthusiasts and lovers of nature in Indianapolis, IN. At The Rejoicing Vine, we proudly combine the artistry of sparkling wine production with a deep commitment to cultivating life through sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Our sparkling wines are not only a delight to the senses but also a celebration of life and the potential for positive change. With every sip, you experience the result of our unwavering dedication to sustaining your sparkle!

Regenerative Rosé

Bottle fermented brüt natural sparkling rosé wine with mouthwatering acidity - the perfect pre-meal apéritif.


Rich, ripe, and bursting with blackberry flavors, this is an off-dry red bubbly wine.


Light, crisp, and lively dry bubbly rosé with a fruit forward aroma and very approachable acidity.

Millions of Peaches

Fresh, juicy, and frisky this mouth-watering wine is the blue jeans of wines, it really goes well with everything! 

Let's Get Fizzical

Fun, fruity, and fizzy red dry bubbly wine that drinks more like an off-dry due to it's fruity flavors.

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