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Millions of Peaches

Millions of Peaches

DESCRIPTION: Millions of peaches is an off-dry bubbly that will have you thinking you're biting into a fresh tree-ripened peach. Fresh, juicy, and frisky this mouth-watering wine is great with foods of all kinds. 

SERVE: Best served chilled. Place in your refridgerator overnight or at least several hours before serving.

FOOD PAIRING: Super easy to pair as it goes with just about everything. Our favorites are spicy foods like cauliflower wings, barbeque, or a nice Pad Thai. 


  • Margaritas - Add this to your margaritas and strap yourself in for an epic sparkling margarita cocktail

  • Sparkling Cider - Mix 60/40 with apple cider for a delicious fall drink

  • Mimosa - Makes a great classic mimosa

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