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Riesling Natur

Riesling Natur

DESCRIPTION: The Riesling Natúr is the second in our line of wines made closer to the way nature intended and the first of our wines made from certified sustainable grapes. Not your typical Riesling, this wine has no sugar and is jam packed full of bubbles!

As a "brüt natural" sparkling wine the Riesling Natúr is a bottle fermented champagne-style wine. The wine is not fined, filtered or disgorged so that they still contain "the mother" - like a super yummy version of apple cider vinegar or kombucha the yeast cultures are intended to benefit your gut.

SERVE: Best served chilled. Place in your refridgerator overnight or at least 3 hours before serving. Gently rotate the bottle before opening to resuspend those yummy microbes.

FOOD PAIRING: We suggest this wine as a before meal apertif. Also pairs well with soft mild cheses like brie or gouda. Also pairs well with lighter meats like fish. We absolutely love this wine with the following appetizer - on a toothpick combine a cube of dill havarti, half of a cherry tomato, and a small roll up of smoked salmon. 


  • Mimosas - Makes a great mimosa that will bubble for hours, although we're certain it won't stay in the glass that long :)

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