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Regenerative Rose

Regenerative Rose

DESCRIPTION: The Regenerative Rosé is the first in our line of wines made closer to the way nature intended. Regen Rosé is a "brüt nature" sparkling rosé with great acidity. These wines are bottle fermented like traditional champagne but are not fined, filtered or disgorged so that they still contain "the mother" - like a super yummy version of apple cider vinegar or kombucha the yeast cultures are intended to benefit your gut.

SERVE: Best served chilled. Place in your refridgerator overnight or at least several hours before serving. Gently rotate the bottle before opening to resuspend those yummy microbes.

FOOD PAIRING: We suggest this wine as a before meal apertif. Also pairs well with soft cheses like brie or gouda. Also pairs well with lighter meats like fish. We absolutely love this wine with the following appetizer - on a toothpick combine a cube of dill havarti, half of a cherry tomato, and a small roll up of smoked salmon. 


  • Mimosas - Makes a great mimosa with a stunning grapefruit color

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