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Every Fri 6-8p &
Every 1st Saturday 6-8p


A mission driven winery cultivating life in Indianapolis. We specialize in community, sustainability, and sparkling wines.


Events at Our Indy Winery

  • Winery Tour + Tasting
    Winery Tour + Tasting
    Sun, Jun 30
    Jun 30, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Indianapolis, 8440 W 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
    Jun 30, 2024, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Indianapolis, 8440 W 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
    Curious about wine? Join owner & winemaker Brent Kumfer on a 1 hour tour to learn how we go from grape to a delicious glass of bubbly. Tour includes a flight of three of our sparkling wines.
  • Disco Ball Planter Workshop
    Disco Ball Planter Workshop
    Thu, Jul 11
    Jul 11, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Indianapolis, 8440 W 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
    Jul 11, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Indianapolis, 8440 W 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
    Get ready to boogie down and let your green thumb shine at our Disco Ball Planter Workshop! Join us as Master Gardener Abby Perry leads us through an evening of fun, creativity, and groovy vibes!

Visit Our Tasting Room

People celebrating the opening of The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN

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8440 W 82nd St

Indianapolis, IN 46278


The Rejoicing Vine

The ultimate destination for sparkling wine enthusiasts and lovers of nature located in northwest Indianapolis, IN. At The Rejoicing Vine we proudly combine the artistry of sparkling wine production with a deep commitment to cultivating life through sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Our sparkling wines are not only a delight to the senses but also a celebration of life and the potential for positive change. With every sip, you experience the result of our unwavering dedication to sustaining your sparkle!

Owners Brent Kumfer and Frances Russell pose at the Grand Opening of The Rejoicing Vine, a winery in Indianapolis, IN
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Wines Delivered

Don't live in the Indianapolis area and still want to enjoy our sparkling wines? Get them delivered directly to your door through

Concerned about the carbon footprint of shipping? Us too! That's why we work with Vinoshipper who is part of the UPS's certified carbon neutral program, purchasing offsets to ensure the shipping portion is carbon neutral. Learn more.

M-m-m-my Paloma


June's Cocktail of the Month

Ooh, my little delicious one, my delicious one

When you gonna give me a taste, Paloma?

Ooh, you make my bubbles pop, my bubbles pop

Got the cork popping off, Paloma


Never gonna stop, grapefruit it up, such a tasty kind

I always crave a taste, can't get you off my mind

My, my, my I-I, whoa

M-m-m-my Paloma!


Private Events &
Winery Tours

We would love to be a part of your special event - whether it is an office party or bridal showers our intimate space is perfect for cultivating relationships & celebrating life's moments. Our space is available for rent and we can help with drinks, food, entertainment and more. We also offer private winery tours and vineyard tours. Contact us today to book yours.

Photo Gallery

Would you like to get a feel for our space or our events? We have curated a collection of photos from events at our Indianapolis tasting room. We host a variety of events aimed at bringing the community together to cultivate life. Bubbles & Brushes, Cookie Decorating, Photos for Food, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Office Parties, and Charity Events are just a few of the more common events. We believe when you cultivate life you will reap a harvest of joy and when you make a habit of cultivating life you will sustain your God given sparkle.

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Patrons from the Indianapolis suburbs Zionsville, Carmel, Brownsburg, Westfield, and Noblesville celebrate at the Grand Opening of The Rejoicing Vine winery

Harvest Joy

The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis is a mission driven winery. Our mission is to see the Indianapolis community reap an abundant harvest of joy. How do you harvest joy? Sounds abstract. Not really. We've been given the blueprint and the concept is simple. If you want to harvest grapes, you grow the things that produce them - vines. In the case of joy, if we want to harvest joy we must to grow life. We have to sow seeds that build with and between our customers. We have to encourage unity within central Indiana. We have to connect life on the farm with life in the winery. Put simply, we must cultivate life.

Cultivate Life

Our strategy summed up - Cultivate Life. With each decision we ask, will this cultivate life?   Our winery activities & events strive to cultivate life by building authentic relationships. Our farming practices are designed to regenerate life above & below the soil in the vineyard. Our support of charities is aimed at cultivating life in our community. Upon visiting you will see one glaring example of this in action at the fundamental level - Our Wines.

Image by Jason Leung - Bees thrive on the regenerative farm and winery in northwest Indianapolis at The Rejoicing Vine winery
Owner Brent Kumfer and his daughter give a private winery tour at The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN

Sparkling Wine

At The Rejoicing Vine winery one of the ways we cultivate life is through reducing our carbon footprint. The first way we reduce is by sourcing only fruit grown within our region. Our region tends to produce grapes high in acid & low in tannins - a great starting point for premium sparkling wines. The second way we reduce our carbon footprint is through elimination of packaging. A majority of the carbon footprint of wine comes from the packaging. Sparkling wine production allows us to all but eliminate packaging in the tasting room. Our wines are packaged and served out of stainless steel kegs rather than glass bottles. Once empty the kegs sanitized and reused, over and over, and over again. While time will tell, we believe its reasonable we can save on the order of ten thousand bottles from the landfill through the purchase of a single keg.

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Aerial view of downtown Indianapolis. The Rejoicing Vine is a winery near Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Winery

Snuggled in the northwest corner of Indianapolis The Rejoicing Vine winery near Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, and Brownsburg. Our tasting room is less than 20 minutes from Monument Circle and with easy access to I-65 and I-465 the winery is easily accessible from anywhere in central Indiana.

Escape from the city and make a day of it going for a hike in nearby Eagle Creek Park and stopping at the winery for a rejuvenating drink and reenergizing charcuterie board.


About Us


Locally Owned

Meet the Kumfer's. We call Indianapolis home and had a dream of opening a business that merged our passions for gardening, wine, and helping our community. With two younger kids we first dreamt of creating a space perfect for families and date nights. The Rejoicing Vine is that dream come to life right here in Indy. We are on a mission to make a positive impact and hope The Rejoicing Vine is a blessing to your family!

Kumfer Family loves running the winery and building community in northwest Indy and surrounding communities like Zionsville, Carmel, and Brownsburg
Grape vines at the winery and vineyard. The Rejoicing Vine winery is located in Indianapolis, IN

The Rejoicing Vine

What's the story behind our name?


The Rejoicing Vine captures the imagery of success in our minds, the future we strive to achieve with our winery and it is inspired by the imagery in one of our favorite chapters in the Bible Isaiah 55. Fitting that it's titled "A call to the thirsty".  :)


To summarize, we are called to come to God and follow His ways. Ways that we often won't understand, but when we do so, even without understanding, we will live with joy and peace. The chapter ends with imagery of the one who lives that life, walking in nature with the mountains bursting in song and the trees clapping their hands. When we follow God's ways at The Rejoicing Vine we envision the vineyard bursting into song and the vines clapping their hands.

Mission driven. All the decisions at The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN are made with our mission of serving the Indy community in mind. Donating fresh produce, helping our neighbors

Wine That Serves

We are committed to serving the Indianapolis and central Indiana community. We pledge that 10% of our profits will be donated back to charities and non-profit organizations that serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities.

Want to help more? Join us in the journey by subscribing to our wine of the month club and Sustain Your Sparkle.

Sparkling wine is our specialty at The Rejoicing Vine winery in northwest Indy near Zionsville, Carmel, and Brownsburg. People celebrate the sparkling wine at the grand opening

Sustain Your Sparkle

Sign up for our monthly subscription and help sustain your sparkle and the communities. When you commit $30 / month you will get one bottle of the wine of the month and two glasses of wine at pickup.

The Rejoicing Vine winery is a mission focused business and our mission is to make a positive impact in the Indianapolis and surrounding communities. Donating fresh produce, working to improve our community

Buy One
Give One

Buy a case, give a case. It takes around 30 pounds of grapes to produce 1 case of wine. We are strong believers that consuming fresh, nutrient dense produce is vital to building a strong and healthy community. We also, believe everyone should have access to it.  Every time you buy a case, we will give a 30 lbs worth of fresh produce to families in our community through a local partner like Crooked Creek Food Pantry.

Our Values

The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN is family friendly. Grandma and grandchildren enjoying authentic relationship over a glass of wine

Authentic Relationships

Relationships are foundational to being human. Strong relationships need to be build with authenticity - being honest with one another and celebrating our diversity. Strong relationships are a necessary building block for strong communities. Our activities at the winery and our events - from date night activities are geared towards helping build strong, authentic relationships in the Indy area.

Social issues in Indianapolis, IN are of upmost importance to us at The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN. Homeless man seeking help from his fellow humans

Benevolent Stewardship

We strive to lead by using our blessings to help build a better tomorrow for our community. For us it starts on the farm where we us regenerative agriculture practices to build life and fight climate change through carbon sequestration. In the tasting room we are constantly searching for, experimenting with, and implementing ways to reduce our environmental impact.  All in all, we strive to put impact above income.

One of our core values at The Rejoicing Vine winery in Indianapolis, IN is curious and courageous like a child super hero Image by Steven Libralon


Playing it safe and doing things as they've always been done won't create a better tomorrow. That is why we value bravely exploring better solutions to problems and don't shy away from challenges such as being the first vineyard in Indiana to pursue regenerative farming. Or putting a stake in the ground to focus on sparkling wine because it allows us to greatly reduce our packaging waste and dramatically reduce our environmental impact.

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