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Mimosa Mocktail Recipe for Dry January

If you've drifted from moderation during the holidays, Dry January offers an opportunity to get back on track. We experiment to find the perfect alcohol & added sugar free mimosa recipe.

Mimosa Mocktail Recipe for Dry January
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We’re firm believers in the health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation. For example, some researchers think regular wine drinkers live longer (who knew?). 

The holidays can be tough with all the holiday stress, celebrations, and social pressures we can find ourselves drifting past moderation. Enter Dry January. Abstaining from alcohol for the month can help you back on the moderation track. Here at The Rejoicing Vine we love to experiment to push boundaries in search of better living - we call it courageous curiosity.

The experiment started with the following ingredients in the hopes of finding a super simple recipe for a great Mimosa Mocktail. Aside from taste, we wanted to avoid added sugars AND absolutely refuse to use anything with high fructose corn syrup. All the ingredients were available at our local grocery store (Kroger):

  • Orange juice

  • Unflavored sparkling water

  • Flavored sparkling water (orange mango & pineapple) – we like Spindrift brand because it’s all naturally flavored with real fruit juice and no added sugar. 

  • Ginger ale – here’s where you need to do a little searching…most of the main brand ginger ales use high fructose corn syrup. However, we found REED’s brand ginger ale which used cane sugar and organic ginger.

Using roughly equal parts (1/2 cup) of orange juice to sparkling water we mixed up a large number of (1 cup) variations. In some cases, like the unflavored sparkling water, the mouthfeel of the mimosa was a little thin (watered down oj). In these cases a small amount, 1/8 to ¼ cup of ginger ale boosted the mouthfeel just right without making it overly sweet.

AND THE WINNER (Drumroll please), for the best Mimosa Mocktails:

· ½ cup of Orange Juice

· ½ cup of Spindrift Mango Orange sparkling water

· Garnished with a blackberry or strawberry

· (Optional) 1/8 cup of Reed's Real Ginger Ale

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