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The Omnibus Show - E037 - Interview with Brent Kumfer

Dave Gibbs & Brent Kumfer sit down to discuss everything related to The Rejoicing Vine. Watch the episode on YouTube or listen to it on Apple or Spotify - links to the show in the article.

The Omnibus Show - E037 - Interview with Brent Kumfer
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The Omnibus Show is a podcast hosted in Carmel, IN by Dave Gibbs and I had the destinct pleasures of being the shows guest for Episode 37. Shot in the beautiful Hotel Carmichael the show interviews a wide range of interesting and accomplished people. We spoke about all sorts of fun stuff pertaining to The Rejoicing Vine including Frances and I's backgrounds, our inspiration behind The Rejoicing Vine and it's name, our mission with the winery, and I did my best to hold back my inner nerd and not talk for 2 hours about Regenerative Agriculture. :)

Watch the episode on YouTube or listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify.

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The episode notes: 

Carmel, IN – January 8, 2024 – The Omnibus Show Episode 37 is a podcast hosted by Dave Gibbs "for people who love interviews of interesting and accomplished people, and who are life learners.” Brent Kumfer, owner of The Rejoicing Vine Winery, will be the next guest on The Omnibus Show.

Brent and his wife Frances opened the winery with the idea of merging theirs passions for gardening, wine, and helping the community. He and his family dreamt of creating a space perfect for families and date nights, which Brent feels they did with The Rejoicing Vine. Learn all about Kumfer and the winery on next week’s podcast.

Brent is also the chief servant at Indy’s newest winery. He is an experienced disruptor in the technology space. A Purdue engineering graduate with a Masters in Innovation, he spent 15 years championing innovation in two Fortune 500 companies launching innovative products in the electrical distribution and smart home industries. After a few years of freelance consulting and being a stay-at-home dad, Brent saw an opportunity to bring sustainable practices and regenerative farming to the Indiana wine industry.

Last June, Brent and his wife officially brought their talents and innovative thinking to the industry, opening The Rejoicing Vine winery in northwest Indianapolis near Zionsville. The Rejoicing Vine specializes in sparkling wines that provide the perfect accoutrement to the celebration that comes with cultivating life on the farm and in the winery.

The Omnibus Show, the program for people who are interested in everything with deep conversations on a wide variety of subjects.

Host and Executive Producer - Dave Gibbs

Voice Over Artist - Katherine Kennard

Producer - Meg Gates Osborne

Video Producer - Philip Paluso

Camera - Scott Osborne

Meg and Associates Staff:

Communications - Dan McFeely and Melissa Purcell

Logistics - Brad Osborne and Nancy Dye

The Omnibus Show -

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