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Everlasting Flower Bouquets by Cedar Rose

The More Sustainable Flower Option for Valentine's Day

Everlasting Flower Bouquets by Cedar Rose
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As you know, environmental stewardship is a priority of ours at The Rejoicing Vine. That's why this year we have partnered with a local flower shop to provide our customers with a more sustainable flower bouquet option for Valentine's day. The Everlasting Bouquets are made by Cedar Rose Flowers from dried flowers and are not only more sustainable than 'fresh' flowers their longevity lasts for years, not days. 

Available in our tasting room from Feb 2nd to  Feb 11th you can chose from a few options of premade bouquets or build your own!

You may have never thought of the sustainability of your flower, but here's some food for thought:j

  • Transport - It may surprise you, but those store bought fresh flowers likely aren't coming from Indiana in February. In fact they often travel from far off places in the world - like South America - to get to us. Dried flowers can be grown here in Indiana and stored for Valentines Day.

  • Preservation - When shipping from across the world 'fresh' flowers have to be preserved to survive the trip and the time at the florist and in the grocery store. To preserve them, the flowers often sprayed with chemicals and refrigerated. The energy required for refrigeration can add significantly to the carbon footprint.

  • Longevity - When stored indoors out of direct sunlight, dried flower's beauty can last for years rather than just a few days with fresh flowers.

  • Natural & Biodegradable - When you're finished with your dried flowers you can add them to your compost, and since they haven't been sprayed with preservatives you can rest easy knowing that compost can be used to fertilize your garden.

  • No Additional Resources - No water or flower food required for dried flowers.


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