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COCKTAIL: The Grinch's Heart

Your heart might just grow three sizes with this sparkling cocktail sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

COCKTAIL: The Grinch's Heart
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Need some holiday cheer? Not quite ready for the Christmas season?

Can't figure out why? Don't know the reason?

Don't worry, don't fret. We'll help you get it right

This ones a treat, even if your shoes are too tight.

Not in the holiday spirit? Whip up the green drink, watch it glow.

Take a sip and feel your heart grow.

Ideal for holiday gatherings, it's sure to please the whole crew,

turning even the most stubborn Grinch to a Cindy Lou Who

Whatever the reason, Watch out Christmas Grinch! 

Simple to make, delicious, this sparkling cocktail's a cinch. 

One, two, three sizes into your ribs the thumping will crash.

Crash. Crash. Crash. Careful in the excitement not to forget the Who-Hash.

Don't miss out, don't let your party be a bore.

It's simple, it's easy, so don't make your puzzler sore.

Look for these items at your local Who-ville store:

1 bottle of Midori, a melon liquor bright and green,

1 bottle of vodka, (or rum if vodka's not your scene).

1 container of pineapple juice grown near tropical beaches,

1 bottle of The Rejoicing Vine's Millions of peaches.

1 jar of red sprinkles for the trimmings and the trappings,

1 jar of heart-shaped cherries to finalize the wrappings.

Back from the store, you survived the masses,

Time to get ready, and to prep all the glasses.

Spread out the sprinkles, get them ready for dipping,

Dunk the rim into water, then sprinkles, glasses are ready for sipping.

Now into a shaker - ice, 1.5 oz Midori, 0.5 oz vodka, and 1 oz juice go

Shaken not stirred, pour it into the glass nice and slow.

Getting close, but it's missing a sparkle, missing that shine.

So top it off with 3 oz of Millions of Peaches bubbly wine.

One last thing, and the drink will be finished, festive and merry.

We need a heart for the Grinch, for that we use a cherry.

All finished, time to enjoy.

Watch every Who at your Who-ville party beam with joy.


1.5 oz Midori

0.5 oz vodka

1 oz pineapple juic

3 oz Millions of Peaches bubbly wine

Red sprinkles for rimming

1 cherry for garnish

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